unique sea water from the Sea Lake

Our water

  • highly concentrated
  • without chemicals and other additivies
  • in the natural state
  • hygienically packed

The bath is not created by heat but by air pressure and a special nozzle, therefore it contains all the minerals and salts contained in the water. Their concentration in the sea bath far exceeds the proportion of minerals and salts in the air at sea

About the product


The aerosol bath is a whole body procedure and provides inhalation in unique sea water from the sea lake in protected area. The salt is obtained by evaporating sea water from a protected natural source. It does not come from contaminated seas and oceans that are polluted by industry, plastics, cosmetics and other chemicals


The main effects of our product

Water composition

The effects are equal to bathing in the sea, but the inhalation effects are many times higher


Strengthens the immune system of the body - prevents various diseases

Lungs and airways

It cleanses and relaxes the airways, helps with asthma and chronic bronchitis


has high effects on various allergies and skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis)



The aerosol bath cleanses and tightens the skin and restores its natural elasticity

Nose, mouth, throat, vocal cords

It cleanses the nasal cavities, mouth, throat and vocal cords


It helps to improve eyesight and has a positive effect on the thyroid gland

Customer satisfaction

During our 15 years of experience we have not experienced any negative reaction from our clientsv


characteristics and features

Aerosol sea bath is provided in enclosed space - cabin (we can provide the cabin and full installation)
Hygiene level is very high, client's body comes into contact only with the new (his own) water (unlike swimming pools))
Procedures have a beneficial effect on the entire human body and are considered, by many clients, as the best spa treatments at all

They bring superior relaxation and increase physical and mental vitality
These are sitting procedures lasting 15 minutes. The pores on the skin spread out by heat so that the skin can absorb more minerals than in a classic bath
They are suitable for all ages/div>

Map of our locations

You can find us at more than 30 places in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Deutschland

Our offer

By placing your device in your facility, you will significantly enrich your offer of services with the market leader regeneration and prevention procedures. It is not necessary to invest in the purchase of equipment, we will lend it to you and take care of everything. No construction work is required to install ASB.

2-space cabin
  • Delivery and professional installation
  • Equipment service
  • Water supply accordgint to your needs
  • Staff training
  • Dimensions: 160x80
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