unique sea water from the European Dead Sea

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  • highly concentrated
  • without chemicals and other additivies
  • in the natural state
  • hygienically packed

The bath is not created by heat but by air pressure and a special nozzle, therefore it contains all the minerals and salts contained in the water. Their concentration in the sea bath far exceeds the proportion of minerals and salts in the air at sea

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The aerosol bath is a whole body procedure and provides inhalation in unique sea water from the "European Dead Sea". The water is trapped and not circulating for several million years in a closed source, deep below the earth This ensures that it is not contaminated with various chemical impurities such as water that is on the earth's surfac

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The main effects of our product

Water composition

The effects are equal to bathing in the sea, but the inhalation effects are many times higher


Strengthens the immune system of the body - prevents various diseases

Lungs and airways

It cleanses and relaxes the airways, helps with asthma and chronic bronchitis


has high effects on various allergies and skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis)



The aerosol bath cleanses and tightens the skin and restores its natural elasticity

Nose, mouth, throat, vocal cords

It cleanses the nasal cavities, mouth, throat and vocal cords


It helps to improve eyesight and has a positive effect on the thyroid gland

Customer satisfaction

During our 15 years of experience we have not experienced any negative reaction from our clientsv


characteristics and features

Aerosol sea bath is provided in enclosed space - cabin (we can provide the cabin and full installation)
Hygiene level is very high, client's body comes into contact only with the new (his own) water (unlike swimming pools))
Procedures have a beneficial effect on the entire human body and are considered, by many clients, as the best spa treatments at all

They bring superior relaxation and increase physical and mental vitality
These are sitting procedures lasting 15 minutes. The pores on the skin spread out by heat so that the skin can absorb more minerals than in a classic bath
They are suitable for all ages/div>


Our Clients
Mudr. Jaroslav Macek
Evaluation of the health effects of the "Sea Bath"

The advantage of this balneological procedure is the appropriate combination of inhalation of                         mineral water and its effect on the skin and the whole body. The spa uses mineral water from a deep of the earth where the water of the Tethys Ocean of Tertiary period is located. The ocean                         covered part of southern Slovakia 22 million years ago. In this salt mineral                         Water from Podhájska is presented a lithium element that helps cure gout, further                         there are iodides elements that stimulate the thyroid gland. Calcium compounds acting on post-fracture treatment are present in the water, as well as bromides relieving painful conditions. This water and it's composition is unique in the world and has a possitive effect on people suffering from rheumatism, vascular and joint diseases and persistent back pain. The water is applied in a natural concentrated state and is free of additives. The aerosol is created by the pressure of filtered air through a special nozzle and contains all the minerals and salts contained in the water itself. The salt concentration is many times higher than the proportion of minerals and salt found on sea beaches and in a salt cave. Upon inhalation, these minerals enter the bronchi and improve the function of the respiratory mucous membranes. Minerals have beneficial effects on the skin. They stimulate microcirculation in the skin and give it a firm look and elasticity. Through the droplets the aerosol penetrates through the skin and mucous membranes and thus active substances from this water such as potassium, sodium, calcium comes into the body Salts present in water help to slow premature cell aging and protect the skin from the outside environment. Salt binds water in the lower parts of the skin and hydrates the skin. This procedure greatly helps with the treatment of allergies, asthma and chronic bronchitis. It is also very beneficial for smokers. When taling about skin diseases, the procedure is particularly suitable for people with psoriasis and atopic eczema. As a prevention, this procedure can be used against rhinitis, nasal cavity diseases, inflammation of the mouth, throat and upper respiratory tract. In 2013, this procedure was given to 305 patients at the Spa-Rehabilitation institute of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic, mostly after 5 applications per stay with a very good effect.

Liptovský Ján – medical facility of the Ministry of the Interior SR, Bystrá
Mudr. Jaroslav Macek
Contact: 044/5263199
Our Clients
MUDr. Helena Bosmanová
"SEA BATH" - its use in the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases

Sanatorium Tatranská Kotlina is a medical facility, where we have been treating respiratory diseases for 90 years. The occurrence of these diseases is also increasing due to pollution of the environment in which we live and work. In 2012, we expanded the range of medical treatments to include "sea bath". It is a balneological procedure in which the patient sits in a cabin, where a special nozzle is injecting an aerosol from mineral water from Podhajska. This water comes from the Tethys Tertiary Ocean that covered this area 22 million years ago. The composition of this water is truly exceptional and has beneficial effects in the treatment and prevention of several diseases. The aerosol in the cabin is being inhaled by the patient and at the same time it reacts with his skin. The concentration of minerals and salts is several times higher than on the sea beach and therefore the effect on the body in the cabin is much more stronger. This procedure moisturizes the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, thereby facilitating of mucus secretion along with inhaled impurities and thus initiating the mucosal regeneration process. The beneficial effect of this mucosal cleansing also helps to prevent inflammation of the airways and by reducing the concentration of inhaled allergens softens the allergies sympthoms. Sea bath is one of the most preferred treatments by our patients. They appreciate being able to turn an irritating, dry cough to productive one and allowing them to breathe freely through their nose. As a bonus of this procedure, they perceive its effect on improving the quality of the skin, which has better blood circulation, hydration and elasticity. As the procedure uses water in a natural, concentrated state and without additives, there are no contraindications fo its use.

Sanatory Tatranská Kotlina
MUDr. Helena Bosmanová
Contact: 0524467645
Our Clients
MUDr. Jarmila Überhuberová
Podhájský aerosol – jedinečná mořská koupel z třetihor

The children's hospital with speleotherapy in Ostrov u Macochy is one of the three South Moravian children's hospitals. It has been operating for 35 years and has been using the aerosol therapy for children since 2012. Sea bath has become the only balneological procedure in our specialized workplace, focused primarily on high-concentrated stay in the cave environment. Tertiary water contains all the minerals and salts in a concentrated bath that exceeds the proportion of these substances occurring in the seaside air. For treatment, we accept children from 4 to 18 years; In case of children under 6 years, the insurance company approves the procedure for the child accompanied with one adult from the family Therefore, we have the opportunity to offer a sea bath not only to pediatric patients but also to adults. For more than four years, hundreds of patients have been able to experience all the beneficial effects of the aerosol sea bath. The substance is sprayed into the cabin with the seated patient and eventually his-her accompaniment. Thanks to the unique composition of specially mineralized water, after 5-7 procedures ,the effects are quite clear and visible. We use this metohod in our treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne, allergic urticaria, atopic eczema as well as in chronic diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, bronchial asthma, or cystic fibrosis. The Podhajska aerosol enables our doctors to prescribe very effective therapy that softens the skin, relieve inflammation and itching sympthoms, speeds up the mucous membrane regeneration and clear the airways from the cold, or accumulated viscous secretion in the lower airways. We have a very good experience with aerosol application even to an adult that accompanies the child - usually one of the parents or grandparents suffering from chronic pain of degenerative joint diseases, back pain, arthritis, gout, allergies or asthma. Aerosol sea bath acts like a relaxing procedure comparable to staying at the sea. Thanks to the patented application, it is easily accessible without the need of travel, negattive effect of ozone and strong sunlight. It reduces pain, increases resistance and overall mental vitality. The effect and benefits of our very active several week stays are veru much appreciated both by small patients and also by the parents, that come with their chronically ill child. Speaker for doctors of our hospital, we can recommend the versatile use of this miracle of nature not only to treat diseases that have already occurred, but also for prevention

Head of the Children's Hospital with speleotherapy Ostrov u Macochy
MUDr. Jarmila Überhuberová
Kontakt: 734 316 144

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